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Construction site – Storage – Algeco (life base) – Residential site – Commercial – Industrial – Public works – Scaffolding – Protection of construction equipment.

Unattended construction sites are a magnet for theft when no one is present. Valuable goods that can remain on a construction site such as raw materials (copper, steel, materials …), but also construction equipment can be coveted and make you lose thousands of euros in case of damage. Fortunately, all this can be protected by a remote alarm and video surveillance system.

Thanks to their flexibility and speed of implementation, we offer the most efficient and cost-effective solutions to secure and monitor any area of construction site.

Construction site

The presence of an alarm system dissuades thieves and other undesirables from prowling around the site during the day or night. AS Alarme brings you solutions adapted to each construction site.

Residential construction site

Residential construction companies are increasingly turning to an alarm system to protect their construction sites, in order to avoid theft of expensive equipment and squatting. We offer effective solutions to protect your construction sites.

Construction equipment

On a construction site, the amount of vulnerable materials is staggering: Equipment waiting to be installed, expensive heavy machinery, raw materials, company vehicles, construction equipment, etc.
AS Alarme offers alarm systems to protect your equipment and machinery. Contact us for more information.

Scaffolding construction

A building under construction with scaffolding are easily accessible. An alarm system becomes a necessity, not only because it protects the building against theft of expensive materials, but especially because they are a useful deterrent to prevent unwanted intrusions, and squatting of buildings.

The equipment


Intrusion detector

Fire detector

Caméra HD IP

Central alarm system

The central station is the control panel of a security system. The central alarm station arms and disarms the monitored site, and in case of a threat, warns you. It is the brain of your alarm system.

The badge reader

The outdoor badge reader is completely wireless and battery operated, allowing it to be mounted anywhere without power cables.

To arm or disarm the system, the user simply places his badge near the reader.

Indoor Video Live Camera

The indoor Video Live camera integrates a passive infrared motion sensor, digital video camera, and infrared LEDs into a single battery-operated wireless security device.

Outdoor Video Live Camera

The Outdoor Live Video Camera combines an infrared motion sensor, digital video camera, and infrared lighting devices into one battery-operated wireless security device. This rugged camera is perfect for securing your outdoor property and remote facilities.

External detector with visual verification

The MotionViewer camera has dual infrared detection, which makes its detection performance very accurate and high quality.

Sirène extérieure

The outdoor siren/strobe set provides maximum deterrence and helps responders quickly locate the home or facility at night. Totally wireless, the siren can be mounted anywhere. A single system can use several sirens.

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