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We offer integrated solutions and a connected alarm system for businesses, a solution tailored to each customer.

By installing an alarm system for your business, restaurant, warehouse or other, you can prevent burglars from breaking in, thus reducing theft.

Get round-the-clock protection, remote access and monitoring of your business wherever you are via the camera.

Burglary and robbery are among the most common crimes in urban and rural environments. Protect your business.


Are you looking to secure your company, coworking space, or your SME ? AS Alarme provides you with a connected alarm system. Trust us.


Whether it’s a sports store, clothing store, wine shop or food store, your store can be a target for burglary. Protect it with our connected alarm system and keep an eye on your store at all times.


On a daily basis, restaurant and bar owners are faced with a wide range of security issues. Restaurants and bars often have large amounts of money on their premises, including cash, as well as stocks of foodstuffs, and they are an easy target for burglars.


You could have your storage or commercial warehouse vandalized or broken into when you least expect it – are you prepared to lose thousands of dollars ?
Avec des milliers d’euros de stock de marchandises dans votre entrepôt, celui-ci est la cible idéale pour les cambrioleurs. AS Alarme vous propose de sécuriser votre entrepôt avec une alarme connectée.

Other Sectors

AS Alarme offers a wide range of solutions to ensure the security of your business. Keeping your business safe is absolutely one of the most important aspects in recent years. We can provide security services for all business sizes, including small businesses, laboratories, industries, schools or retailers. Every business is unique and AS Alarme can customize a solution to meet your specific needs.

The equipment


Intrusion detector

Fire detector

Caméra HD IP

Le Hub - The central system

The hub is the control panel of a security system. The hub manages all Ajax devices, arms and disarms the property, and in case of a threat, alerts you. It is the brain of your alarm system.

The indoor HD camera

This camera allows you to see what is happening in your home at any time, wherever you are. It films in Full-HD 1080p, it has a night vision and you can hear and talk to the person on the spot.

Wi-Fi pan and tilt camera

With its ultra-flexibility and adaptability for intelligent surveillance in 360-degree pan and tilt mode, this camera will be the ideal companion to secure your property.

The motion detector

Wireless motion detector that alerts the homeowner at the first sign of an intruder in your home. The detector is mounted on the wall in front of doors and other places where there is a risk of break-in.

The MotionCam sensor

Similar to a traditional motion detector, with MotionCam you can see what’s going on in your home before the burglars even realize they’ve been detected by taking pictures.


Positioned on the openings (doors or windows), it detects the first signs of intrusion in the room by breaking in a door or a window.

The smoke detector

A smoke detector is a safety device that detects smoke particles in the air and produces an audible alarm to warn of a fire. Protect your business or home against fire.

The HD 360° outdoor camera

This motorized outdoor camera will allow you to view your outdoor in 360 °. It films in Full-HD 1080p, it has a night vision and has an intrusion detection assisted by AI.

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