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For your primary residence (apartment or house), your second home, holiday home…

Keep your family, property and home safe around the clock, every day, even while you’re away, or on vacation.

Because we understand that every home has unique requirements, we offer you a connected alarm system.

At AS Alarme, we offer you a customized solution for every location, whether it’s your primary or secondary residence, an apartment or a house.


The most common crimes are burglary, break-ins and theft. Naturally, people living in residential areas are often targeted by burglars. It is important that people living in residential areas feel safe in their homes.


Whether you are at home or away from home, have peace of mind by ensuring the safety of your family and protecting your apartment against intruders and burglaries. AS Alarme, offers you a connected alarm designed to secure your home. Call us.

Holiday/Summer House

With AS Alarme alarm systems, you can have peace of mind that your second home is safe and secure. Even if you are 800 km away, you will always have a watchful eye on your second home or summer house.
Your security system is like a personal sentry present 24/7. It’s always on duty, always vigilant and always ready to sound an alarm at the first sign of danger.

The equipment


Intrusion detector

Fire detector

Caméra HD IP

Le Hub - The central system

The hub is the control panel of a security system. The hub manages all Ajax devices, arms and disarms the property, and in case of a threat, alerts you. It is the brain of your alarm system.

The indoor HD camera

This camera allows you to see what is happening in your home at any time, wherever you are. It films in Full-HD 1080p, it has a night vision and you can hear and talk to the person on the spot.

Wi-Fi pan and tilt camera

With its ultra-flexibility and adaptability for intelligent surveillance in 360-degree pan and tilt mode, this camera will be the ideal companion to secure your property.

The motion detector

Wireless motion detector that alerts the homeowner at the first sign of an intruder in your home. The detector is mounted on the wall in front of doors and other places where there is a risk of break-in.

The MotionCam sensor

Similar to a traditional motion detector, with MotionCam you can see what’s going on in your home before the burglars even realize they’ve been detected by taking pictures.


Positioned on the openings (doors or windows), it detects the first signs of intrusion in the room by breaking in a door or a window.

The smoke detector

A smoke detector is a safety device that detects smoke particles in the air and produces an audible alarm to warn of a fire. Protect your business or home against fire.

The HD 360° outdoor camera

This motorized outdoor camera will allow you to view your outdoor in 360 °. It films in Full-HD 1080p, it has a night vision and has an intrusion detection assisted by AI.

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